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Timilia Pasta: From an ancient Sicilian biologic durum wheat variety

This pasta is produced with an ancient Sicilian durum wheat variety Timilia which isn't genetically modified and cultivated by the biologic cultivators of the Valdibella cooperative For the pasta production, it is used a water that comes directly from a source. it is dehydrated at low temperature and in long times, in order to maintain all the nutrients and organoleptic properties of the raw material.

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Pastificio dei Campi 100% made in Italy

The 100% certified Made in Italy companies must respect a disciplinary code that impose them: - the use a own brand; - making processes entirely made in Italy; - use of exclusively Italian high quality materials; - production made using company exclusive projects; - hand made and artisanal typical Italian working processes. Moreover, following the disciplinary code, the 100% Made in Italy products must be realized respecting the hygienical and safety rules. The producers who can benefit from this certification are distinguished by the holographic brand of the enrollment in the National Registry of Italian Producers. Thanks to these passages the truly Italian productions are distinguished from the ones whose origin is uncertain and, as a consequence, it guarantees the costumer the best transparency about the origin and quality of the product. Therefore the 100% Made in Italy Certification is a further inlay for the project of reaching the total transparency and traceability of the IGP Gragnano Pasta by Pastificio dei Campi which, since its birth, has given life to a Total Tracking System that can be used by every customer through the website. The TTS allows anybody who posses a pack of Psta dei Campi to discover from which part of land the durum wheat comes from (mostly it is from Apulia), the harvest day, the date and the place of milling ( De Vita mill in Casalvecchio, Apulia), the preparation day of pasta in Pastifico dei Campi (Gragnano). the faces of all the people who contribute to the final result. All this hard work and dedication guarantee the people to taste the true Pasta di Gragnano IGP made only with the best Italian durum wheat.

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The pasta factory Masciarelli

The pasta factory Masciarelli makes the pasta still as did our grandparents. The result is an artisanal pasta of authentic and pure taste, which contains the old flavors and scents of the country from which it originates.

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The Campofilone: tastes of an over 100 years long history

The Campofilone srl was the first company founded in the medieval village in the Marche, it is also the first egg pasta making Italian company which has obtained the prestigious DNV certification for the quality of the products, traceability and traceability of the production chain (ISO 22005:2008) and alimentar safety (ISO 22000:2005, BRC, IFS).

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Pastificio dei Campi: "a unique product, a gastronomic Italian jewel".

The "Pasta dei Campi" has obtained the 100% Italian pasta certification. At the beginning of the 2011 the Gragnano Pasta made up by Pastificio dei campi has obtained the 100% made in Italy certification. With this brand the consumers are guarantee to consume a pasta entirely made in Italy, made up with italian raw materials (water and durum wheat) and packed in our country (Italy). This important certification has been recognized to Pastificio dei Campi by the Institute for the Safeguard of the Italian Producers, an association without any earning purpose qualified among the CNEL (Natiol Council for the Economy and Job), which has the purpose of safeguarding the tradition of the Made in Italy, meant as the origin of the working processes and the evaluation of the productive methods. The 100% Made in Italy certified companies are subject to the respect of a policy document that impose them: - the use of a own brand - the whole making process must be made in Italy - the use of exclusively Italian and high quality raw materials - the production made with exclusive plannings of the company - typical Italian artisanal productions The 100% made in Italy certification is a further element in the project of total transparency and traceability of the IGP Gragnano Pasta of the Pastificio dei Campi that, since its birth, has adopted a Total Tracking System that can be used by every consumer through this web site. The TTS allows everybody wo owns a Pasta dei Campi pack to discover from which part of ground the durum wheat used for its production comes from (usually from Apulia), the harvest day, the date and the place of the milling, the date of the preparation of the pasta in the Pastificio dei Campi in Gragnano, and the faces of all the people who contributes to obtain the final product with their work. All these efforts and passion guarantee the people to taste the real Gragnano Pasta.

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where can I obtain a list of stores selling your products on the West Coast of Florida (Sarasota Florida)?
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User: dave ( 06/12/2016)
Category/Topic Campotti di Gragnano - Pastificio Dei Campi

I am in Virginia, USA and am looking for extra long spaghetti. Do you have it? I need the cost and directions to purchase in English.
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User: beverly ( 28/10/2016)
Category/Topic Bigoli de Bassan

I am trying to order testarolli for delivery to the US. Transport calculation is 71euros. The testarolli themselves come to 16 euros (for three). Is that the correct calculation to have them sent to the US?
Please tell me that my calculations are wrong and that it is much less expensive to have them shipped here because ever since I had testarolli in Pontremoli, I am dreaming of having them again! Thanks,
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User: Diane ( 21/10/2016)
Category/Topic Pasta


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