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La Campofilone "The great history of a company of excellence"

The Product and its Quality: La Campofilone Company believes that to provide consumer with key information is crucial in order to recognize the quality of its products. The raw materials the company selects and the production steps are made to obtain a product with authentic quality and guaranteed excellence. At La Campofilone Company all the Raw Materials are strongly selected and carefully checked. La Campofilone use only the finest non GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) durum wheat, that is exclusively cultivated in Marche Region and it is characterized by a high protein standard, to guarantee an excellent nourishing value. The durum wheat semolina, produced in a local mill, is extracted from the heart of wheat, using only the central part of the single grain. This gives the pasta an elevated gluten index, in addition to providing firmness during cooking. Moreover, it helps to avoid the stickiness and contributes to an elevated granulometric value. The pasta is made with eggs from free-range hens that are fed exclusively with non-GMO cereals, and they have a genuine scent and an authentic sunny color. In the production, The Campofilone has been able to reproduce the same traditional process to make egg pasta as it was made in the past by the old ladies of the Campofilone village. The dough is mixed at low temperature and successively, after the exfoliation and the cutting steps, pasta is placed on paper leaves for food use: each paper leaves is folded up in four sides, respecting the ancient tradition of Campofilone. The final step of the production process, before packing, is drying, which is done at low temperature (under 36°C), for 20-48 hours.
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The pasta factory Masciarelli

The pasta factory Masciarelli makes the pasta still as our grandparents did. The result is an artisanal pasta endowed with an authentic and pure taste, which contains the old flavors and scents of the country from which it originates.

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Pastificio dei Campi: the product of the selection of the best raw material.

Pastificio dei Campi is a young company that is born from the will to combine the innovation and the ancient tradition of Gragnano pasta-making. Our pasta is produced using durum wheat flour 100% Italian durum wheat flour, endowed with a protein content that goes beyond 14%, and it is bronze wire-drawed. The wheat is all traced, so the final customer can follow al the passages of the production writing the name of the shape type of pasta and its expiration date on the website The Gragnano Pasta of the Pastificio dei Campi is a unique product, due to its aromas, taste and consistency. When you'll taste it you will discover the fragrance and the flavour of the best Italian durum wheat, and it has a great resistance to the boiling tanks to the best selected raw materials.

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Timilia Pasta: From an ancient Sicilian biologic durum wheat variety

This pasta is produced with an ancient Sicilian durum wheat variety Timilia which isn't genetically modified and cultivated by the biologic cultivators of the Valdibella cooperative For the pasta production, it is used a water that comes directly from a source. it is dehydrated at low temperature and in long times, in order to maintain all the nutrients and organoleptic properties of the raw material.

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Pastificio dei Campi 100% made in Italy

The 100% certified Made in Italy companies must respect a disciplinary code that impose them: - the use a own brand; - making processes entirely made in Italy; - use of exclusively Italian high quality materials; - production made using company exclusive projects; - hand made and artisanal typical Italian working processes. Moreover, following the disciplinary code, the 100% Made in Italy products must be realized respecting the hygienical and safety rules. The producers who can benefit from this certification are distinguished by the holographic brand of the enrollment in the National Registry of Italian Producers. Thanks to these passages the truly Italian productions are distinguished from the ones whose origin is uncertain and, as a consequence, it guarantees the costumer the best transparency about the origin and quality of the product. Therefore the 100% Made in Italy Certification is a further inlay for the project of reaching the total transparency and traceability of the IGP Gragnano Pasta by Pastificio dei Campi which, since its birth, has given life to a Total Tracking System that can be used by every customer through the website. The TTS allows anybody who posses a pack of Psta dei Campi to discover from which part of land the durum wheat comes from (mostly it is from Apulia), the harvest day, the date and the place of milling ( De Vita mill in Casalvecchio, Apulia), the preparation day of pasta in Pastifico dei Campi (Gragnano). the faces of all the people who contribute to the final result. All this hard work and dedication guarantee the people to taste the true Pasta di Gragnano IGP made only with the best Italian durum wheat.

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Is it possible to purchase the grain before milled?
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User: Susan Arnold ( 16/04/2017)
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Hello. Does this contain yeast or breadcrumbs ? Thanks, Roger
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User: roger scott ( 13/04/2017)
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where can I obtain a list of stores selling your products on the West Coast of Florida (Sarasota Florida)?
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User: dave ( 06/12/2016)
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