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Gragnano, the city of the I.G.P Pasta

Obtained by a dough made up of durum wheat semolina and water from the aquifer of Gragnano, its color is straw yellow with a section of vitreous fracture and a typical rough aspect, homogeneous and lacking of cuts or bubbles. The great resistance to the cooking guarantees absence of stickiness and a general uniformity, giving it a sapid taste and a strong note of durum wheat also on the aromatic side. As it concerns the nutritional level, the Gragnano pasta is a balanced food. The Gragnano pasta is produced in 4 phases, all of them must be made in the Gragnano province respecting the I.G.P disciplinary.

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Pastificio Setaro: artisans of pasta for 3 generations

Its secret is a determined attachment to the tradition that makes possible the production to be made in bronze wire drawing machineries of the 30s still nowadays, with a regulation of the temperature still controlled by a person. The artisanal method of drying of Pastificio Setaro keeps unaltered the organoleptic properties of the pasta, guaranteeing the original taste.

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La Campofilone, a Marche company that produces dried egg pasta in a close chain

La Campofilone controls entirely the close production chain: using own produced durum wheat cultivated in the region of Marche, the eggs are BIO organic coming from free range hens bred, nourished with NON GMO cereals produced by the company too.

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Tumminia- Russulidda- Maiorca: Ancient Sicilian Wheats

Historical Sicilian wheats, among which the timilia (or tummina), Maiorca and Russulidda varieties are cultivated and processed throughout the biologic methods, maintaining intact all the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics. Moreover the absence of OGM, these wheats are milled by stone, in order to allow to preserve the wheats germ, vitamins, mineral salts and proteins that make it a further healthy and easy to digest product. It is very good for the preparation of sweet and salty products and for the pasta. The ancient wheats are nothing but ancient wheat varieties of the past remained still authentic and original, that is to say they haven't received any change by the mankind to improve its yield.

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Pastificio Bossolasco: Artisanal pasta made with durum wheat cultivated in Piedmont.

Spaghetti, penne, trenette: the bronze wire drawing which gives pasta the right roughness and porosity which allows it to bind with the sauce better. The drying phase allows the qualities of each format to fix better: every format has its specific time, way and temperature. As nature which takes 9 months to take durum wheat to maturation, in the same way the artisanal processing of pasta is not hurry. Only slowness can protect all the raw material properties. So the short pastas wait patiently on wooden frames, the long ones are hung until they're ready to reach the best pasta shops or cooked by the best chefs to donate a unique taste experience.

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Does your company export the Brand name :Di Martino Spaghetti 16oz to USA?
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Is it possible to send 2 Sfoglia per lasagne to Sao Paulo, Brasil, Postal code 05589-030?
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User: Flavio Farah ( 01/05/2018)
Category/Topic SFOGLIA PER LASAGNE - La Campofilone

I live in Lincoln Park, NJ 07035 and am asking where I can buy your pasta.
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User: Ria ( 15/02/2018)
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